Hello and welcome to God Makes New | The Vlogcast! My name is Dain Deutschman; Christ-follower since age nineteen, husband since age twenty, father five times over, an employee for over two decades, a lifetime student, part-time Jeeper, aspiring author, podcaster, blogger, Youtuber, and whatever else I get pulled into or am interested in, on any given day!

I refer to this site as a vlogcast because the content I create is in the form of a blog, Youtube video, and podcast. Sometimes it's one or the other, but most of the time it'll be all three!

Thank you for checking out my content!

— Dain 😊

The Mission

God Makes New Ministries, producer of God Makes New  |  The Vlogcast, exists to advance the kingdom of God through education and dialogue, which we hope contributes to the holistic growth of individual Christians. God is making all things new (Revelation 21:5-8) and for those who love Him, He works all things together for their good (Romans 8:28). Our hope is that He uses our content and discussions for His glory.